I am trying to setup the webconsole for Messenger. Per the documentation I
have made the ip address setting via ConsoleOne. Those changes seem to have
stuck, in that, when I go back to c1 they are still there.

However, when I restart with nmstart I see a line in both MA and AA
CFG Web Console: disabled

likewise I am unable to get to the webconsole via ipaddress:8313 (the
port I used)

am I missing something, something simple.....

I am alos having issues with getting Archiving to work/start. I have
followed procedures in ConsoleOne to start archiving ang adding user to the
ACL to search archives but when everything is restarted I see no 'traces'
(like Search Archive added to the file menu) anywhere in Messenger.

Its almost like there is something somewhere that I need to tell messenger
to use ConsoleOne as the configuring component.

Any thoughts?