Is it just me or does Novell not include uninstall information for any of
its products anywhere? There have been so many instances I've wanted to
remove something from a server, but aside from deleting stuff out of
ConsoleOne, there's no other place to begin. Is there a place on
Novell's site that I'm missing? Somewhere they tell you how to uninstall
on of the hundreds of services rather than just introducing more?

Anyways, on to my co-worker installed Messenger into our
tree while I was away and he put all the agents in what I feel to be an
illogical container for putting anything really, let alone agents. I
want to uninstall messenger completely, so I can reinstall it into
another part of the tree. I feel just deleting the agents from
ConsoleOne is still going to leave all the agent startup files and
whatnot on the server and in the autoexec, basically screwing up the
system and not uninstalling anything. Am I wrong in this? Where can I
find info for uninstalling agents, particularly the messenger agents?

Please help.