Applied the Beta version and now my GW Messenger services won't load. I
get the following error:

Module NMMA.NLM load status OK
Loading module NMAA.NLM
Novell Messenger Archive Agent
Version 2.00 June 20, 2005
(C) Copyright 1996-2005 Novell Inc. All rights reserved.
Module NMAA.NLM load status OK

NMMA: Agent configuration failure [0xAD2D]
NMMA: Cause: LDAP server is not available
NMMA: Cleaning up...
NMMA: Unloading...
NMAA: Agent configuration failure [0xAD2D]
NMAA: Cause: LDAP server is not available
NMAA: Cleaning up...
NMAA: Unloading...

I tried changing my SSL settings but no change. I even generated a new
CSR and KEY and DER file (8.3 naming).

Can I back rev (reinstall) the 1.0 version?