I inherited a NetWare 6 (SP5) network with GroupWise 6.5.3 and Messenger 1.0.3. There are two servers in the network but all of the GroupWise services are running on the same server. We want to remove the second server from the tree so we can reprovision the hardware. I have moved all of the users and data to the server we are keeping and in order to be sure that I didn't miss something I disabled logins on that server. I discovered that when logins are disabled on the second server, users can't login to Messenger. The error message that I see in the Novell Messenger MA log is:

13:03:43 2E0 SPL Login failed [0xAE04]: userid - DDC: Could not login or authenticate the connection

I did a search for this error code and error text and didn't find anything relevant. I don't understand why disabling login to a server that isn't being used and isn't directly a part of GroupWise or Messenger would cause authentication failure but it does. Does anyone have any suggestions?