My users are requesting an IM program for quick communication. They have
been using our Groupwise (6.5.2) system for this purpose but want more
instantaneous communications for "Joe's on the phone" or "call me" type
stuff. Knowing nothing about Messenger (largely because I didn't install it
when I first setup our Groupwise) here are my dum prelim questions:

1) is Groupwise Messenger as speedy as AOL IM, Yahoo IM, etc. or will IMs
get bogged down by my Groupwise infrastructure?
2) I'm currently running my whole GW 6.5.2 system on one Novell 5.1 box.
Would I add messenger to that box or make it a seperate box? If seperate,
can I just run it on a Windows XP box?
3) How beefy is the client piece? Does it take up much RAM? Would it reside
in a taskbar icon or would my users need to keep another app running?
4) I'm looking for a way for my users to have IM only for quick notes, not
to start storing old IMs and attachments. Am I getting into a whole new
message store/archive responsibility or can it be as simple as clicking on
an IM, replying to it, then it's gone forever?
5) Is Messenger 1.0 (the product that came with Groupwise 6.5) a valid place
to startup a new IM system or should I be looking into Messenger 2? So far,
I can't seem to find out from anyone if Messenger 2 is available to me based
on my GW 6.5 purchase or if I have to purchase it seperately.

Thanks in advance for any and all replys :-)