I am trying to test the results of adding new users to contact lists for a
group of users with a policy associated with each of the affected users.

According to the help system in ConsoleOne IM (copied below) users should
see the users I added to the policy contact list in their client contact
list the next time they log into IM. This is not working as desired (I add
a user to the policy contact list, but it never shows up in the client
contact list. Neither exiting and re-entering the client or stop and
restarting the IM service seems to help.) What am I doing wrong?

Help for the policy contact list (the last line of which is what I'm trying
to get working) reads as follows:

"Policy Contact List

This property page specifies the default contact list and contact list
restrictions for all users (if this is the default policy) or for the users
you select on the Used By property page of this policy.

After you change information on the Contact List page of the Default Policy
object, you must restart the Messenger agents in order to put the new
default policy into effect throughout your Messenger system.

After you change information on the Contact List page of any other Policy
object, users must log out and back in to the Messenger client to see the

Thanks - Bruce Davis