I'm having serious issues with Messenger 2 on SLES 9 . I've installed
according to the docs. Here is what's happening in chronological order:

1. Install new system with SSL enabled running as a full admin with rights
to all necessary objects in eDirectory (purely for testing)

2. All objects install just fine in the Directory. Both services start and
show status of active.

3. Upon logging in with the Messenger client, I am asked to change my
password (this is intentional), however, once the password change is to be
confirmed by pressing OK, I get the message "The Server is Not Responding"

4. A quick check of the services on the server show that NMMA is dead,
leaving behind no debug info about a crash in the logs.

5. A further check of the user I logged in with revealed that the password
expiration date had been set to 'January 1, 1992 6:00:00 PM'.

The service then fails to start again until I restart ndsd. Upon which the
whole process starts over again. Anyone have any ideas?