I'm using Novell Linux Small Business Suite and installed messanger. With
the 2 first user on their workstation messanger client works fine.
Unfortunately we had to rename the Server Domain-Name and after that
create a new certificate.
I do suppose this is the reason for the following problems:

1) Setting up new workstations with messanger client (even with the
accounts of the already functioning users) cannot authenticate to
The already configured workstation do run but I believe only with the
users they were configured for.
The error message on windows clients suggests that username or password is
incorrect. On a linux-client a error message says that it cannot establish
a secure connection to the server.
2) Configuring this Linux server or a second Linus Server on yast as ldap-
client so it should authenticate samba and posix users against edirectory
doesn't work, if this server itself is configured as the edirectory(LDAP)
server.And it takes a long long time until the error message occurs.
configuring it to authenticate against the 2. edirectory server works
fine. Surprisingly imanager works on both servers. Also the (LDAP)server
that doesn't works is also our groupwise server and webaccess works fine.
Both server in Imanager and ConsoleOne tell that their edirectories are

I think it has to do with certificates, but to tell you the trueth we are
not very familiar with certificates and have no clue what to do to get it
run on the SUSE LINUX system. I also found that in edirectory there was
only a SAS..... object for the functioning server. Now I created such an
object in edirectory for the other server but as expected this didn't
To install the server from scratch I'm afraid because it is our one and
only productive groupwise server and I don't want to loose my
postoffices ...

Any hints ?
please help!

Thanks in advance