We run GW MEssenger 1.04 and have done for quite some time. Great addition
to GroupWise, though it is limited in its use for us.
Our 2 main requirements that ARE NOT in the product (v1.04) are...

1. The ability to communicate with another EDir tree (our 5 site company
consists of a UK tree, with 3 sites, then the US and India officeshave there
own seperate tree. There GW domains are linked into our system as external

2. Addition of voice (similar to MSN messenger). Our messenger chats almost
always end in a phone call too. Would be great if voice was included along
with text.

As far as I can tell, even version 2 doesnt include any of the above.

Can somebody "in the know" please tell me what I have to gain from moving to
version 2 of messenger? So far Ive only really spotted the addition of chat

And is there likely to be voice support added at any stage? I know my first
point (number 1 above) has been talked about quite alot, but nothing has
been added as yet.

Thanks in advance