We are running GW 2.0, but this was occurring when we were still in the 1.0
series. People are able to login and send messages without problems.
However, when trying to add a contact by searching a portion of the name,
we frequently get the "Server is not responding" message.

This seems to be connected to specific user names, but it might not be. I
know that there are some names that I always get the error, while others go
through without problems. Of course, now one of those names that "always
get the error" went through without a problem.

I'm sure there is other information that you would need, but I don't know
what that would be. The server is located at one of our centrally located
(network-wise) schools. And all of the schools are connected via T1 lines.
Another strange aspect is that, when found, each user searched for returns
18 matches. Each of those 18 matches looks identical to the others, and
there are not aliases involved.

Any ideas? What more would you need to know to assist?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL