I had been having this issue on my server although none of my users were
experiencing any side effects from it. I searched this forum and found the
resolution to it was to add a Host to the HostContainer. After doing this
my problem went away. However, I deleted it and now I can't get the error
to come back! :-)

So, a couple questions.

1. Why doesn't it create this host file during the installation? Is it an
optional feature? And is it going to be put in the install in future

2. I'm wondering why it stopped happening even after I deleted it and
restarted the MA.

3. This may be a moot question based on your other responses, but Are there
any special considerations one should take when creating this host object if
the GroupWise Domain has multiple domain names? For example, at my
location there are several different domains I can receive mail to.
gwguru.com, groupwiseguru.com, among others. Does it matter which host
object I create?

4. Trivia question.... Was GWIM originally going to be called GWM, but was
quickly changed because of the other acronym shared by this?


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