Messenger 1.0.5

I need to create an IM user policy that sets up IM use between certain
people only. Ex: team 1 can only im each other. Team 2 can only im
each other. I did not use any scope list, because our users are in
different ou's.

I created a user policy with the following options with no luck. My two
restricted test users can still hit send instant message --> find user --
> and communicate with folks outside the group. What am I missing?

-enabled messenger svcs and archive sessions for restricted policy
-disabled and locked "allow users to search eDirectory for other users"
-Configured a contact list for 2 people and locked it.
-Setup a privacy setting for those same 2 people in the allow section and
blocked everyone else and locked it.
-Defined those same 2 people in the reference list and locked it.