Hi Everyone

We are testing Messenger 2.0 and have run into a strange problem with
one person. When anyone adds this one user to their contact list when
they close Messenger and start it back up that person is not in their
contact list anymore.

When I look at the contact list in ConsoleOne for someone who has
added this person it looks strange. The contact list tab in
ConsoleOne looks like this:

John Doe
Jane Doe
Bob Smith

So the first three people all work properly, they stay in the contact
list. The last user is the user that will not stay in the contact
list. That user will work properly after they have been added to the
contact list, the name for that user looks normal in the contact list
in Messenger after they have been added. When Messenger is closed and
re-started that user will not be in the contact list in ConsoleOne or
the Messenger client.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

Shane Schlosser
Information Technology Services
University College of the Fraser Valley