This is annoying. I want to import a generated-on-the-fly messenger
contacts lists. I've got a php script that generates the file, and then
presents it to the browser with the proper attachments. It fails.

If however, I save the file, and open it from within the Messenger "Import
Contact List" dialog it works fine.

If it try to double-click the file in Explorer it fails with an error
message that it can't import the file-the file name is concatenated in such
a way as if the "\" character is being ignored.

If I do it from the command line with nmcl32.exe
/import-C:\path\to\filename\contacts.nmx it fails the same way.

If, however, I use the command nmcl32.exe
/import=c:/path/to/filename/contacts.nmx it works fine.

I'm running Messenger 2.0.0. I'm wondering if this annoying error is fixed
in SP1, or if someone has figured out a workaround (you can't get Explorer
to rewrite slashes on the fly as far as I know.) This one thing--which
should work--is preventing me from getting a very elegant solution to a
problem. Thus, I'm sad.



Mike Richichi
Director of Computing and Network Services, Drew University,