We just installed Mesenger and are getting ready to start rolling it out,
but we're finding that we're having some problems with certain users.
There's no rhyme or reason, that we can see, just yet. All the users
we've tried are in the same container and we've made sure it's not a
workstation specific problem. Some can get in just fine, others can't.
Doesn't seem to matter what we change as far as scope or rights for the
messenger user. or for the user trying to get in. We're also finding
that we're getting the error on these users whether we put in a valid
password or not.

The error we're getting is "0xAE11, Original Password is not valid."

We've tried resetting the password for the trouble users to no avail.
Users with no rights can get in whereas others with full rights can't.

Any ideas?


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