I can't believe that this new messenger 2.x client is not an MSI. Even
worse, the setup.exe does not follow simple conventions like a help
reference dialog or message from the "/?" parameter.

To manage client software, I use a product called Novell ZenWorks, version
7. Since version 3.1 (circa 2000), Novell has been making efforts to move
away from snapshots and manage the better-designed application objects with
MSI technologies. This is at last reflected in GroupWise 7's release as an
MSI, instead of including the AOT on the distribution media. So what
brainiac decided that this little GW Messenger application wasn't important
enough to be in alignment with this vision? We DO have to install it on
every desktop just like any other client, and execptions like this are
costly to us.

1. The Messenger v2 documentation says to use a snapshot to deploy / upgrade
the client with ZenWorks. It also refers to an AOT (premade ZenWorks App
Object) that is provided in the installation media, but I could not find it
(I installed from the Zen7 CD's). Can anyone help me locate this?

2. According to the v2 documentation, the setup process can be made to run
silent by using switches like EnableLangDlg=Y in the setup configuration.
But this does not seem to work if Messenger v1 is already installed. In
this case, the user is prompted to choose between update/remove, and
documentation doesn't give any suggestion on how to bypass this dialog. Can
anyone suggest a silent install method, other than snapshot or an v1
uninstall before installing v2?

Paul Peterson