Running GW 7.01 beta on our system, which consists of 6 MTAs, 8 POAs (a
couple of the POAs share MTAs), 3 GWIAs, 1 WebAccess and 1 Messenger. The 1
Webaccess and 1 Messenger share a server with an MTA, POA and GWIA. This
system provides access for our entire community college district that is
spread out over the entire city, and it works great.

The problem is with Messenger, or maybe the Messenger clients. With the PCs
in the district, everyone - no matter where they are - can use Messenger by
plugging in the IP of the server where it resides.

However, trying to use the Linux or Mac clients always results in the same
thing: "The client is unable to establish a secure connection with the
specified server, a secure connection is required"

I have the Novell Linux client and I have logged in to the server where
Messenger resides. On the Mac, I have mounted server volumes where the
Messenger resides. I'm running the latest Messenger clients available to
Linux and Mac, BTW.

Any ideas? If more information is needed, let me know.