How does Messenger authenticate users? Does it use the authentication
setup for the groupwise users, or a external method?

If messenger doesn't use the authentication setup for groupwise, I
suppose i'll have to figure a way to have it authenticate to active
directory, but that would seem silly if it didn't use the method
already in place for groupwise.

I cannot get users to authenticate to messenger. I CAN for some
reason, but no others. I have our groupwise system setup to
authenticate users to active directory. Users login to groupwise fine,
but when I try to authenticate a user to messenger i get a error:
"Please enter a valid user ID and password".

The scope is correct as far as I can tell. All users are located in
one context.

So my scope has the context listed as: OU=Users, O=Main , but this
doesn't seem to help.

Please help, this is a odd problem, thanks!