Another policy question related (sort of) to the one on may 22.

I have a policy called Broadcast_policy which I created for the contact list I wanted to build and push out. I built the contact list off an edirectory group called Broadcasts_GRP. Like groupwise address book, it splits the group into individual contacts -- that is fine!

So now I have my policy. I go to my user object, and I apply the policy. But knowing the user already has a contact list (and that I cannot merge them), I click on the contacts drop down, and click on "restore default setting" to clear the user defined list, thereby allowing them to receive the policy defined for them.

The user then logs out of novell and logs back in, and has a new contact list alright, but it contains 203 users, instead of the users based on the group. I am not sure where this list is coming from? I would say my whole system, but there are some users not in there who have it, and some are in there that do not have it.

So I am quite sure I have mucked something up, just not sure what.....

STacie White