I've been running GW Messenger on SLES9 for a quite a while, but just
recently, users started noticing a strange problem that I cannot figure out.
When you click the setting "View" then "Show online contacts" or "Show
offline contacts", clients get a error dialog:

GroupWise Messenger has experienced a problem. Please note error code

From what I can tell, messenger is having trouble reading/writing the
nnmClientSettings attribute (you see -602 in DS Trace), but I don't know
why. The MA is logging in as an admin equivalent, so it has full rights (I
login with the same user via an LDAP Browser and I can read/change the
settings all I want). I'm very suspicious that this started occurring once
I upgraded to eDir 8.8, but I'm not positive on that. I've tried different
IDs, different rights, pointing at different LDAP servers, all to no avail.
I'm just wondering if any one else has an suggestions that I can look at as
I'm at a loss. Thanks!