Hi, I'm running Messenger 2.0.1 on a NetWare server and it's working fine. I have SSL configured and can login from Windows, Linux and SOME Mac clients. However I have one Mac client that refuses to login. It's running MacOS 10.4.7 with Java 1.5.0_06 and the 2.0.1 Messenger Client software.

Each time I try and login I get an error message about "unable to establish a secure connection with the server". The Mac that I do have working is running 10.4.6 with the same java version 1.5.0_06. I took a packet trace of the failed attempt to login, and it looks like the Mac is having issues with the SSL Certificate. The server sends the ssl cert and starts the handshake, but the client gives an error, which ethereal decodes as "Alert: (Level:Fatal, Description: Unexpected Message). I 100% sure this is a client problem, but need to find out exactly what is causing it. I tried importing the Trusted Root cert that signed the ssl cert that messenger is using, but that did nothing.

I don't have another 10.4.7 machine to test it from - anyone else got it working with this version and messenger 2.0.1 ?