We run a Windows/Linux environment and have been a Groupwise shop for many
years. All our users have Groupwise accounts, no user in our environment
(other than Groupwise admins) have the Novell client on their systems or
validate through anything other than Active Directory.

We were hoping that Messenger would autheticate using the Groupwise
password, but apparently that is not how it works (in retrospect, it was
an optimistic hope).

Is there any quick/simple way of:

Having messenger authenticate against Groupwise passwords?
Having messenger authenticate agains Active Directory?
Sync Groupwise <-> eDir <-> Active Directory?

The thought of introducting another set of passwords into the system for
an Instant Messenger that is literally attached to the mail client isn't
very appealing to me :) I would like a seamless integration if at all

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/comments.