Last week I performed a fresh 2.0.1 Messenger install (not an upgrade). I
created a Chat Room, but the admin guide said I had to restart the
messaging agent for the Chat Room to be usable. I performed this restart
with my messeging client (and at least 10 others) logged in and now I
can't login. The first time I got a typical error that led me to believe
I mistyped my password. The second and all subsequent attempts generate
the error "Your account has been disabled. Contact your system
administrator." The error on the server console is 0xB104.

I looked in ConsoleOne and my NDS account is not disabled or locked out.
My NDS password has not changed since the system was installed.

I saw a couple other users get errors on the server console log in the
agent, but I now see 10 current connections so it's not a wide spread
problem. We are using direct eDir authentication, using all defaults
(compare, not bind).

What could be the problem? Very few Support TIDs on Messeging.