So I have some strangeness with the messenger client on windows, but not
on the linux client.

The windows client shows all my contacts in the list as the same name.
For example, whoever would be the first person on my contact list becomes
everyone on my contact list. But it really isnt, if I delete say the third
user in my contact list then log in with the linux client the thrid person
is actually deleted. I don't get this behavior in the Linux client. It
happens in chatrooms too. I log into a chatroom that has like 6
participants and I can see everyone chat any everything else works
but in the participants list they all have the same name. Anyone seen a
TID on this or know of a workaround or fix? I don't use windows much
anymore but I am afraid of this happening to a user that does as we are
just rolling GWMessenger out and only about 50 people are using it thus