Hi there

Does anyone know what the future holds for Messenger?

I think the product should aim for the following functionality...

1) File transfers
2) Federation with foreign IM systems
3) Provision of SIP/SIMPLE (or Jabber/XMPP) presence services to other
4) Ability to integrate presence services with GroupWise calendar - i.e.
tell a third-party application that the user is in a meeting from 1pm -
4pm (e.g. IP phones)

Why did Novell build a proprietary IM system, why didn't they just write
eDirectory/GroupWise integrations for an open-source IM solution?

Does the current GroupWise 7.01/Messenger 2.01 suite offer SDK's/API's to
expose Calendar/PIM/Presence to third-party apps. If so where's the best
place to find further information on this?