I have had a Groupwise 2.0.1 Messenger system running for awhile on an OES
Linux server. I just added a set of users from another context. I created
a new policy for them, updated the "used by" and "contacts" attributes in
the same manner that I had done for other groups of users. Initially they
could not login, and I discovered that I needed to add their container to
the DefaultScopeProfile object in the ScopeContainer. Now they can login
and they appear to themselves to be "online", but their status, as far as
everyone else is concered is "offline". And, if they try to contact a
working user, that user shows up as "offline". I thought it might be a
rights issue on the part of the proxy user, but the rights are assigned at
the Organization object which is a parent of both the working OU's and the
new non-working OU.

Any suggestions?


Dennis R. Crowther, CNE