hey all,

we have a number of people in my office using novell messenger on XP
machines, but i'm apparently the first to attempt to run it in a linux
environment. after downloading the linux client, i run the install binary
and i get some sort of seemingly infinite loop...

../install.sh: 12: function: not found
read: 23: Illegal option -e
read: 23: Illegal option -e
read: 23: Illegal option -e

now, i know that by default, ubuntu just has /bin/sh set up as a symlink to
/bin/dash, and i've run into problems installing a few other pieces of
software because of this issue. typically, i can solve the problem by
doing this:

rm /bin/sh
ln -s /bin/sh /bin/bash

then, i'm just using bash instead of dash, and most installers are ok with
that. however, when i do that in this case, i get a different error.

Installing package novell-messenger-client-2.0.0-20050719
error: Failed dependencies:
/bin/sh is needed by novell-messenger-client-2.0.0-20050719.i586
Failed to install client RPM. Aborting install.

so, i'm not sure what i should do next, aside from scrapping the idea
entirely and just using GAIM in its place. i'd rather use the pure novell
client, but not if i can't get it to install.

thoughts? anyone? anyone? bueller?

thanks in advance,