I had GroupWise Messenger setup on a NW6.5 server and was working OK. But I
had to move it to another server. So I moved it to a NW5.1 server, although
it supposed to be ok on NW5.1.

I moved the "NM" folder over to the new server. And changed all the details
in the MessengerService to point to the new server. I have changed all paths
on everything to point to the new server. And I have changed the IP
Addresses to point to the IP Address of the new server.

In console one, I renamed the GroupWise Messenger server to the new server
name. And I have edited the "strtup.ma" and "strtup.aa" to point the new
name of the GroupWise Messenger server.

And in Consoleone, I changed all paths to the same path but on the new

When I try and do an nmstart, the Messaging agent loads OK, but the Archive
Agent doesn't load. The Messaging Agent complains about not being able to
see the archive agent, the error is "TCP/IP connection refused failure". But
I think this is as the Archive Agent isn't loading. And this error would go
away, if I could get the Archive Agent to load.

On the Messaging Agent screen, it has a "archive queue" and that is going
up, so guessing that it is storing the things that need to be Archived.

For info, when I try and start the Archive Agent it says:
The NNMA.NLM loads OK.
It then tries to load the NNAA.NLM, and comes up with
Module NMAA.NLM cannot be loaded until QFIND217 is loaded
Error processing External Records
Module NMAA.NLM not loaded.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I need to do to get the Archive Agent
to load please?

And does anyone know what the Archive Agent is trying to check when I start
it up?

Please does anyone have any ideas on this one, as its driving me nuts???