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"Nathan" <NOSPAM_nhughes@burnley.gov.uk> wrote in message news:...
> Hi,
> I had GroupWise Messenger setup on a NW6.5 server and was working OK. But
> I had to move it to another server. So I moved it to a NW5.1 server,
> although it supposed to be ok on NW5.1.
> I moved the "NM" folder over to the new server. And changed all the
> details in the MessengerService to point to the new server. I have changed
> all paths on everything to point to the new server. And I have changed the
> IP Addresses to point to the IP Address of the new server.
> In console one, I renamed the GroupWise Messenger server to the new server
> name. And I have edited the "strtup.ma" and "strtup.aa" to point the new
> name of the GroupWise Messenger server.
> And in Consoleone, I changed all paths to the same path but on the new
> server.
> When I try and do an nmstart, the Messaging agent loads OK, but the
> Archive Agent doesn't load. The Messaging Agent complains about not being
> able to see the archive agent, the error is "TCP/IP connection refused
> failure". But I think this is as the Archive Agent isn't loading. And this
> error would go away, if I could get the Archive Agent to load.
> On the Messaging Agent screen, it has a "archive queue" and that is going
> up, so guessing that it is storing the things that need to be Archived.
> For info, when I try and start the Archive Agent it says:
> The NNMA.NLM loads OK.
> It then tries to load the NNAA.NLM, and comes up with
> Module NMAA.NLM cannot be loaded until QFIND217 is loaded
> Error processing External Records
> Module NMAA.NLM not loaded.
> Does anyone have any ideas as to what I need to do to get the Archive
> Agent to load please?
> And does anyone know what the Archive Agent is trying to check when I
> start it up?
> Please does anyone have any ideas on this one, as its driving me nuts???
> Thanks,
> Nathan