I know this was already brought up earlier in this thread, but I am
reposting because the solution provided doesn't seem to work. To
reiterate, in Console running GWIM 2.0, I can't increase the maximum number
of contacts over 1,000 in either the default policy or any other policy I
create. I followed the advice to use an LDAP brower to change the value,
which does work, but it doesn't actually fix the problem. I am trying to
import about 1,700 contacts and the import always fails at the 1001st
contact, with an error message indicating that 1,000 is maximum number of
allowable contacts even after I have increased in the policy via the LDAP
tool. This is a major problem for me since we are planning to use this as
an emergency notification tool and I need to be able to add all my users
(1,700 of them) as contacts for a broadcast message.

I have already opened a support case with Novell, and the tech. confirmed
the 1,000 contact limit, but that seems to make no sense to me to have a
limit like that for this product.

Please help!!


Joe Gange