Having issues with autoupdate of 2.0.2 client from a version 1x client.
The client will start and after a successful login will ask the question
of if you want to upgrade... selecting no allows the login in and the old
client runs fine on the newer MA. If Yes is selected to allow the login
there is a pause and then the message "Setup could not connect to server.
(104)" What in the world is this?

The MA resides on "box1"(running messenger ma and aa, groupwise POA and
MTA, symantec AV enterprise) and the download files are on "box2"(running
gwia, gw webaccess/MTA/doc viewer, Gwava, Gwava smtp relay agent) which
also acts as our Web Site host and is setting inside the default directory
for our website.

The MessengerService package in c1 is configured with http addresses using
both our internal ip address and the web site's name and both "enable"
boxes are checked.

When we cut and paste one of the http addresses into a browser the file
lists come up and the exe file can be launched. The two servers involved
are passing traffic back and forth without any noticable problems.