I am unable to get messenger presence working in my environment. I have
reviewed this forum, the client forum, the docs and TID's (anyone else
unhappy with the new search on Novell's site?)

I have verified my LDAP configuration, POA settings, Messenger Agent
settings, host container and domain configuration.

During my attempts at solving this issue I have seen remarks that
indicate that if the users eDir login name and email address match, that
all should work. (As long as the configuration checks out.) Is that true?

If so, is it possible to work around that issue? The problem is this.

Our user logins look like this: smith_j
While our email addresses look like this: John.Smith@emaildomain.com

As you can see they do not match. Could this be the cause of my problems?

Upon review of the messenger agent logs I am seeing this message:

11:26:55 4F0 SPL Request (Get Other Status) [0xB103]:
cn=user,o=organization - Requested Userid not found in directory

Why is this such a dog and pony show? :)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.