I was wondering if there is any way to centrally (i.e. ConsoleOne)
disable the auto-launch of Messenger when GroupWise is started?

We are wanting to deploy Messenger as part of a GroupWise 7 upgrade, but
don't want the messenger client to run automatically when the user
starts GroupWise. It seems that this is the default behaviour, which we
wish to turn off. We may wish to turn this on at some point in the
future, but not right now.

I know that this can be disabled by the user through the GroupWise
client options, but in our environment it isn't practical to ask users
to turn this off individually. Aside from pushing out a registry change
through ZEN to do it, is there any other way? I am somewhat surprised
that there isn't an option to do this through ConsoleOne or through a
GroupWise client switch.