I rolled out 2.0.2 one night to test with our users in the IT
department, then we were going to roll it out company wide a few days
later (we've been on 1.x for a while).

When I upgraded, everyone started getting the upgrade notifications, so
I found in ConsoleOne where to turn those off. Doing so made the
website (http://<site>:8300) unavailable, which was fine. It also
stopped the prompts.

Today I went back in and enabled the checkboxes to enable client
download through a browser and enable auto-update. I then bounced our
IM virtual server, but the website is still unavailable. When I browse
to it, I get a "404 File Not Found" error.

Could someone point me in the right direction troubleshooting this?
I've done a full reinstall since the initial disabling I did and that
didn't reset the options that I must have changed in ConsoleOne. I
guess it's possible I changed it in some config file somewhere, but I
don't remember doing that at all.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!