familiarity and stability. Option to run on linux, which'll matter to
students in nearish future.

I know that GWAVA is working on a NetMail to GW migrator tool too.

<"gaz[nospp"@gmail.com wrote in message
> Hi,
> Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm on the lookout for opinions
> re
> this age old arguement.
> I represent a large university, currently using Novell Netmail. We want
> to
> replace Netmail asap with something that will provide a groupware mesaging
> solution for staff. Studants do not require full groupware functionality,
> so we *may* consider a lower maintenance solution for them.
> Given that we elready run eDirectory and Netware, Groupwise has obvious
> advantages in terms of integration and cross-platform support. My
> question
> is; can anyone offer any other strong arguments for migrating to Groupwise
> given it's shrinking (according to IDC and Gartner) market share and the
> dominance of Exchange ad Domino?
> All opinions welcome!
> Cheers,
> Gareth