gaz[nosppamm] wrote:

> I represent a large university, currently using Novell Netmail. We want
> to replace Netmail asap with something that will provide a groupware
> mesaging solution for staff. Studants do not require full groupware
> functionality, so we *may* consider a lower maintenance solution for them.

If you go with GroupWise, you could use "WebAccess" licenses for students -
this would be a considerable savings I assume.

> Given that we elready run eDirectory and Netware, Groupwise has obvious
> advantages in terms of integration and cross-platform support. My
> question is; can anyone offer any other strong arguments for migrating to
> Groupwise given it's shrinking (according to IDC and Gartner) market share
> and the dominance of Exchange ad Domino?

Other than we're not really sure we believe it :) - not long ago there was
an interesting article that showed how while GroupWise still has only about
1/3 of the seats of Exchange, a larger number of GroupWise customers are on
"current" versions of GroupWise than Exchange customers are. It's very
difficult to "upgrade" older versions of Exchange to newer versions. This
is a place where GroupWise shows that people like the product and are
willing to move forward. I'm not a "marketing" person, so I don't have a
lot of facts and figures at hand for the overall market shares, etc.
However, my company DOES sell an Exchange to GroupWise migration tool, and
so I know that the "everyone is moving to Exchange" statement is not true -
there are a good many sites moving the other direction.

Danita Zanre
Novell Support Forums Volunteer
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