Unfortunately we are migrating from GW to Exchange 2003SP2, that aside,
I'm hoping to get some help on how something works, and a possible

The issue is that when I use the Exchange Migration Utility (2003sp2) it
pulls all the email out just fine and put it into and Exchange account.
The problem is that once there, if you reply to a converted message, the
right click the addresse and choose properties it says the email type is
GWISE: and usually has the format GWISE:gwdom.gwpo.gwuser obviously
exchange doesn't know how to route this and it results in a
undeliverable. Ideally it would be nice to have it come over in and SMTP
address format, is it possible to force this? Any ideas on what the
migrator looks at for an address, it appears that it pulls from the
current directory for the address.

Thanks for the help,