OK, installed GW7 sp1 on OES Linux SP2. Migrating from Exchange 5.5. Got the migration gw utility going, but we stall at logging. The migration log files states has that the accounts are created:

3-17:57:20 PM DIAG Updated eDirectory information for tluze.
3-17:57:20 PM DIAG Created account for tluze.
2-17:57:24 PM INFO User tluze was converted from an external user to a user in dccdom.dccpo

The next step states:

3-18:00:10 PM DIAG GetMailboxTable for /o=FIRST ORGANIZATION/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=MAIL
0-18:02:54 PM ERROR Error opening GroupWise account for user 'banderson'..
A bad password may have been specified in the CSV file.

I'm a bit confused here as we went to the .csv file the migration utility generates and none of the users had anything in the password field. Anyone have any pointers.

Thanks in advance!