We want to migrate our existing Netware 6 to Netware 6.5 on a new
hardware. The server houses our 6.5 GroupWise. I like to know what would
be the preferred way to start and finish the entire process. Does Novell
Migration tool that comes with 6.5 work properly? Should I install
Netware 6 instead of 6.5 on the new hardware start the migration wizard,
should I perform in place upgrade on the old servers before I migrate?
should I migrate GroupWise email also? The hardware I am using is HP
Proliant G4p server. I was able to install Netware 6 on it even though
they only support Netware 6.5. I have noticed that it has problems
shutting down, but it appears to work when it comes up. I have done
migration in the past, but it has been a while. Thanks in advance for the