I moved GroupWise (Version 6.5 SP 6, single domain and single office)
from NetWare 6.5 server to SUSE Linux Enterprise server 9. It seems the
GroupWise server is running oaky. Existing users are able to connect
their mail box and send and receive messages. But I can't create new
users on the GroupWise server.

I used ConsoleOne installed on the Linux server to create new GroupWise
users. It seemed that I was able to do it. The new users appear on the
NDS and the GroupWise File IDs were assigned for these users. And I was
able to add these new users to distribution lists. But the usersí DB
files (userXXX.db) were not created under /grpwise/po/ofuser on the Linux
server and they cannot connect to the server. Old users cannot find them
in Novell GroupWise Address book.

Does anyone how to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance!