Okay i have a major issue i need to get mail from GW out to some kind of
external archive( we are attempting to use PST's IMAP isnt working out for
the fact we have more than 65 thousand messages for some people ) The
grouopwise connector for outlook is only pulling the header and the
attachments( no message body, if someone can get around this that would be
amazing and would all but correct all my issues ) So i have resourted to
pushing everyones mailbox larger than 65 thousand objects to pop3 moving 1
folder @ a time.

Here is the issue when i hit the box with op3 i get a diffrent number of
messages in pop 3 than i do in the person "Mailbox". To be perfectly
honest i cannot figure out where the hell the messagesi am getting in Pop3
are een location when browsing the GW client.