Hello all,

I am a new to the GroupWise system. In my company we have about 7 different
GW domains each on its own server, some in different countries. One of the
servers has WebAcc and GWIA on it( located in US). This server is not stable
and we are thinking about moving it to the new server we bought. We are also
planning on upgrading our GW environment from 6.5 to 7.0.2. The question is
what is the best way of doing it.

Should I upgrade every GW domain first starting from Primary one, and then
once all of them are done start working on moving the WebAcc/GWIA server
(still 6.5) over to the new server and upgrade it to the 7.0.2. Or, should I
work on moving this WebAcc/GWIA server to new box as 6.5 and then go with
the whole upgrade plan. It seems to me like the second plan is a double
work. The reason why I have the second plan in place is that I do not know
if when I upgrade all other domains to 7.0.2 if the WebAcc will talk to

What is the best way to do this.

Also when it comes down to working on the WebAcc/GWIA server. How should I
move it. I think the best way of doing it would be to set up new server (
new name, IP) on the existing tree and then install the WebAcc. Assign few
people to test it. Then put GWIA and do the same testing. Once everything
works make sure all other servers know where to go, who to talk to and
change the setting needed so when typing aaa.bbb.ccc it shows the web mail

I have read about the toolbox option in one of the earlier posts (I am still
looking into this.)

If you could give me pointers on how should I do it. The main part is the
WebAcc/GWIA server. How to move it from one physical server to another with
the Netware 6.5 on it. It would be nice to keep the same IP and all the
setting, but if it is not possible what are my options? Also GWIA points to
IMail server because we use Lotus Notes, so it needs to forward emails to
the right server.

Thank you for your help.