I have a user who is using a Palm Treo 650 with GMS 2.0. He wants to
synchronize his contacts with Palm Desktop rather than GMS, via a sync
cable. I can get everything to sync as desired except for the Contacts. If I
add a contact on the Treo, it does not transfer to Palm Desktop. I get the
same results the other way around too.

I have Palm Hotsync setup to sync Contacts with Palm desktop. In the
Intellisync Mobile Suite web interface, I have it set to "Sync only contacts
in these categories" and then do not have any categores checked. I did this
because these are GroupWise Address Book categories, and he does not want to
sync contacts with GroupWise.

On the Treo, I have gone into Intellisync, Settings, What to Sync and there
tried both unchecking the box for Contacts and checking it. I have tried
selecting "Share database with another conduit" to no avail.

Ideas? Is there a better forum for this question?

Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools