We have always had a dynamic IP address (via Cable Modem) and we used
dyndns.org to redirect to the webserver. Recently, the cable company
announced that it will be issuing (5) static IP addresses for an
additional fee per month.

I asked him how the boxes will be configured with the static address (as
in, do they just give me the address that I'm supposed to use and I
manually punch it into the machines). He wasn't too clear on the details,
but he said that a technician must come out and install a Cisco 851 Series

We had trouble getting VPN working in the past (we were using a $60
NetGear Router from Best Buy) and we believed that there was an issue with
IPSec not being able to communicate with the NW 6.5 SP6 / BM 3.8 SP4
server (even though the router was supposedly capable of IPSec

My question is, has anyone had experience with the Cisco Router mentioned
above for VPN? I'm still not exactly clear why this router is needed in
order to obtain the static addresses. Is there any hope that VPN will
work through this, or is it just a pricier version of the NetGear Router
that we used to have?