Dear CL posters:

From the top --

The Internet is a public place. The cops found out about the Internet about
5 years after everyone else, but for the most part, they've caught up with
the rest of the world.

While I don't know why I'm so willing to keep your sick, stupid carcasses
from going to the local Big House, here is a friendly tip --

The cops all know about Craigslist. They all know about "skiing" and "420"
and your other code words. They know that some need money at the end of the
month, and a search for a "generous" man is posted by a prostitute. Call me
silly, but I'm betting that most larger cop shops look at CL once a day
while munching on their donut.

Personally, I like CL. Posters like you, who post for illegal activities,
are killing CL, even more than the porno spammers. So, here's another
tip -- if the cops come to your door with a copy of your CL post in hand,
chances are good that I'll have sent them a copy, just in case they missed