Gosh, darnit...these people whose untold, blinding inner beauty is pure
Each word that falls so delicately, like autumn leaves on a soft
summers breeze, is insightful and inspiring.
Each thought, I hold my breath for, for their mental apptitude has been
honed through many visionary years of intellectual gymnastics. And I
pray, down on my knees to bathe in its warmth; saddened when their
sagaciousness, I miss.
For I know that each of these intuitive creatures of magnificence only
choose to vivify my own comprehension by producing challenges for me to
Clever they are, attempting to conceal their true nature in trivial
complications that I know they have to go to untold lengths to contrive.

How can I tell them that I know the truth, their ruse, their
thoughtfulness at making me believe that I as an individual am an
essential part of an intracet weave of life, is nolonger needed.
That they nolonger need to prevaricate blemishes on what is otherwise a
perfect persona.