We've installed a new Bordermanager 3.9 installation on a Netware 6.5 SP6
box. IManager was also updated to the newest 2.6.0 sp3. BM was installed
with DNS, HTTP/S, Real Player/RTSP proxies and not the VPN option. When
trying to access any of the BM settings in iManager, the browser doesn't
show anything and eventually times out. I can access everything else in
iManager fine.

I then installed the VPN plugin and restarted Apache/Tomcat. I can access
the VPN settings and everything else in iManager, but the rest of the
Bordermanager tabs still eventually timeout. I even tried uninstalling and
re-installing the plugins. However, when trying to uninstall the plugins
and restart Tomcat, the BM options are still in iManager and the BM plugins
are still listed as installed.

Is there a way to manually remove all records of BM plugins from iManager
since the uninstall doesn't work, so I can re-install the BM plugins