I have one master firewall, which is the default gateway for all hosts,
has bordermanager 3.8sp5, proxy and s2s vpn installed on it.
There is also one client vpn server (bm38sp5 with c2s vpn). the default
gateway of this machine points towards the router. On this host NAT is
enabled on the private interface. We did that to let the other hosts think
the packets arrive from the local subnet, so that packets do not go to the
default router.
Now I want to remote control my clients (most of all laptops) in the
clientvpn subnet. I tried to ping them first, but get no response. I tried
the private ipaddress which is given to a client after a vpn connection is
What needs to be done in order for this to work. After that I want to try
to get my zen remote control to work.

Kind regards,