Nobody syncing contacts? :-) (or does nobody have the same contact in two
different GW addressbooks?)

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I discovered a major problem syncing contact changes from GW7SP2 using

Setup: (Desription of my setup for duplicating the issue)

1. Caching mode (Is probably not related, but i tested it this way)
2. Two personal addressbooks 'Frequent Contacts' and 'Syncbook'.
3. Make a new contact in 'Frequent Contacts' (e.g. XXX with Phone 123)
4. Sync Caching Mailbox. Wait.
5. Check GMS WebPIM. 'XXX' is available in category 'Frequent Contacts'. OK
6. Drag and Drop the 'XXX' contact from 'Frequent Contacts' to 'SyncBook'.
(in GW)
7. Sync Caching Mailbox. Wait.
8. Check GMS WebPIM. Two 'XXX' are available in category 'Frequent
AND 'Syncbook'. OK.

Now start to modify one of the 'XXX' entries in GW and sync then caching
mailbox and check the GMS WebPIM 'XXX' entry status.

After 1-2 change cycles (make a change with Frequent contacts, the next
change with 'XXX' in Syncbook, etc.)
both entries will still be the same in GW. They are somehow linked.

BUT: in GMS only one of the two 'XXX' entries will pick up the lastest
changes. Now the two in GW linked entries are different. You are no longer
able to propagate changes from 'XXX' entry in 'Syncbook'/Frequent Contacts
down to the GMS and further down to the phone.

Sync is broken! Only way is to remove at least on entry and start again.

A typical effect is:

The users makes a change to the entry in the Syncbook. GW also has the
changes in the 'Frequent Contacts' entry.
GMS however displays the change only for the 'Frequent Contacts' category.
The 'Syncbook' 'XXX' remains with old data and the users wonders why the
contact never updates on the phone. (Only Syncbook is set to sync to the

Makes syncing contacts VERY unreliable and practically useless. Users just
do not trust synchronisation!

Comments? (IMO, this needs to be fixed ASAP.)

PS: Sometimes one 'XXX' even disappears from GMS but is still ok in GW.
making changes do not make the entry to reappear in GMS WebPIM.