Am I going blind or doesn't the installation doc's explain "anything"
about installing GMS in a cluster?

I've installed GMS on a single server on the internal server-net with a
SecureGateway in DMZ (just like the figure in the doc). But now I would
like to install an aditional server and make a cluster out of it. _And_
move the SQL database from the stand-alone server onto the Enterprise
SQLServer (on the SAN).

I've read the lines about "Network Load Balancing", but that's not what
I want. I want to have a kind of "stand-by" server that either manually
og automaticly kicks in if/when the "online" server fails. Or being
able to do maintance on one server while the other one serves GMS, and
then change to do mainenance on the other one...

Any thoughts and hints?